Oscar Chang has been a robotic scientist for many years. He is the author of a variety of projects which span from constructing full scale animatronic dinosaurs, to his current scientific research, dealing with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Neural Networks. He has editorial experience and has written a wide assortment of articles ranging from college text books, Christmas Carol music, scientific articles and scientific papers. He is also co-founder of the private Company Cromalloy Intercom C.A. which for many years produced Electronic Intercoms for residential Building, Animatronic elements and Theme Parks. Currently he is a senior researcher in the Prometeo Project of SENESCYT , Ecuador
Research  The relationship between noise and learning has always been  an agglutinating theme in my robotic research and has given birth to several contributions, among others:

  • Robot that connect its neural controller through genetic algorithms, in order to improve its operative level [View paper].
  • Robots with behavior initiation mechanism which copies the capacity of genuine spontaneity found in living creatures. [View paper ].
  • Cooperative agents for visual object recognition [View paper]
  • Robots with perception of affordances [View paper]
  • Deep Neural Network that visually classifies Pap cells. [View paper]

T  eaching I am an active professor at Central University in Caracas, Venezuela and ESPE Latacunga, Ecuador.  I also was a professor in several universities in Venezuela and Spain.



In my  early robotic years I was responsible for programming dinosaurs’ movement in an animatronic theme park. Here I soon realized the importance of noise in the behavior of living creatures and incorporated this element in the theme park functioning, awakening realistic moving dinosaurs, which in turn prompted the legendary park success.


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