In the last ten years or so there has been new development tools in the field of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN),  particularly in Deep Neural Networks, which seem to be powerful and practical enough as to make possible the advanced, friendly robots put forward by Asimov and Lucas, among others.
A Deep Neural Network is a neural processor which utilizes many layers of artificial neuron and is capable of learning difficult problems and inferring about them. The point is that if we remove the word “artificial” from the above sentence we end up with the promising description of a human brain.
Our main interest is to develop methods and algorithms which make possible the efficient training of Deep Neural Networks.
This activity is commonly known as Deep Learning Research.


Deep Networks and Society
The utilization of Deep Neural Networks will have a high social impact when more and more elements of AI realize and improve critical activities for the humans such as food production, medicine, environment conservation, social nets, security, war and peace. In this sense my participation will always be a vote in favor of mankind and peace.

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